primeval dopingvrij geschikt wedstrijd

All PrimeVal products are doping-free

As a brand, our goal is to support optimal health of sport horses with our supplements. We believe that this includes a responsibility of welfare and sport. That is why we align the ingredients of our products with the FEI regulations around Clean Sport.

The FEI (Fédération Équestre Internationale) has compiled a comprehensive doping list. This list contains the raw materials and ingredients that can produce a doping-positive result. All PrimeVal products are free of ingredients on this FEI list. Therefore competitions following FEI guidelines can be competed.

The selection of ingredients in our products is carefully carried out by our Research & Development (R&D) department. The FEI's list is sometimes expanded or modified. If this is the case, our R&D department will carefully check the ingredients in our products. If it is necessary to modify products to remain compliant with FEI guidelines, this will be implemented. Of course, with maintaining function and quality of the PrimeVal products. In this way, we are sure, for now and the future, that we can continue to comply with the guidelines and principles surrounding FEI Clean Sport and optimally support sport horses in health.

Our ambassadors compete with confident using the support of PrimeVal's supplements.