The PrimeVal products are used by top riders in various disciplines. We herewith proudly introduce our ambassadors.

Bram Chardon

As a 4 in hand rider, it gives Bram a thrill that you can control 4 horses with minimal aids, that the horses work for you to fight for victory as one team, man and horses.
Team Chardon has been a user of PrimeVal products for over 20 years. The products make an important contribution to keeping their horses fit and 'happy'. The horse is the real athlete and if they do not feel well it is not possible for them to become world champions. Bram Chardon is included in the Dutch Olympic team.
In recent years, Bram achieved many victories and high rankings in World Cup competitions, nation cups and international competitions.

Sanne van der Pols

Sanne is from Abbenbroek (NL) and is a very driven dressage rider. With her horses Excellentie and Cuvanck PP she competed 4 times at the European Championships. She gets her motivation from the fact that things are never perfect and that you work towards this together with her horses and with PrimeVal.  

Sanne competes at a high level in dressage sport. She is present at a lot of national and international competitions and achieved many victories and high rankings there in recent years.

Meike Zwartjens

Meike comes from a real horse family. She has been riding since she was 5 years old. In the Zwartjens family, horses bred are by the family and then trained to top-level sport. Meike has competed internationally with the ponies, children, juniors and Young Riders and she competes in the U25 and seniors at 1*, 2** and 3*** and with young horses. 

Meike is a young, very driven show jumper who is full of passion on her way to an ever higher level. Meike is part of the Young Riders team and has already participated successfully in Nations Cup competitions several times.

Derk Jan Mekkes

Derk Jan is active in the Dutch harness horse sport and he regularly presents his harness horses at foreign events for an international audience. Harness horses are able to bring the public into ecstasy with their natural way of moving. 

Derk Jan has been using PrimeVal products for years. The horses are performing from a young age and are able to continue delivering top performance into old age partly due to the use of PrimeVal. It keeps the muscles and joints supple and the horses stay top fit and happy.

Thom en Joost Siemerink

JTS Horses specializes in the education and training of sport horses and in training riders at home and abroad. Thom and Joost Siemerink have years of experience at the best stables in the Netherlands and have trained several successful (jumping) horses.

Throughout the years Thom and Joost booked several victories in young horse classes and achieved good rankings at international competitions and Dutch championships.

Sophie Weening

Sophie is an eventing rider from The Netherlands. In 2021 she won a bronze medal at the European Championships with her pony Hip Hop and Sophie made her competition debut with the self-trained Jimmy Choo M. In 2022, this combination participated in the European Junior Eventing Championships in Hartpury. In 2023, she became Dutch champion in the juniors.Sophie is working hard on her way to the top and has a growing ambition. 

Sophie's motivation for the sport of eventing is the bond of trust that this discipline requires between rider and horse. It involves three completely different parts, where sharpness and relaxation are all of great importance, and PrimeVal's products support that to perform optimally.  

Esmee Janssen

Esmee Janssen is a dressage rider at heart. Besides her active role in equestrian sports, she passionately works in healthcare, at a spinal cord injury rehabilitation. She rides horses at various levels. Some horses are just in training and she has 2 horses at the Small Tour level and 1 in the Big Tour. Her goal is to get the most out of each horse and to see what he/she needs in terms of training and recovery. Supplements can have a very positive effect in the training and recovery of the horse. She is happy to be part of the PrimeVal team and to support her horses optimally. 
In 2022 she had a severe horse accident, which prevented her from competing for a while. Halfway through 2023 she started competing again for the first time at Small Tour level and full of positivity she is looking forward to achieving great results with her horses in the future.

Stal Plijnaar and KWPN-stallion Love Connects

In addition to several riders, we can also add a horse to our ambassadors team. Meet the handsome KWPN stallion Love Connects. This talented stallion is owned by Phiel and Bert Plijnaar. The roots of this family are in the eventing sport. Phiel rode successfully in the **** eventing competitions at the international level until 2017. In 2017, she finished her last international competition in Maarsbergen and rode another winning round in Arville.  

Phiel and Bert state: "At that time, we became aware that with the right supplements, we can prevent rather than solve problems."

Since then, this family has moved on to the sport of show jumping and the successful training of young talents, with currently the showpiece "Love Connects." Love Connects is 8 years old and active under rider Megan Laseur. He is also used for breeding. Besides his good performance in the sport, this stallion is known for his exceptionally friendly character and work ethic. Love Connects is supported in his performance with PrimeVal's quality supplements.