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About PrimeVal

Nutrition is the basis for good horse health. Could your horse use something extra in supporting its health? Then you have come to the right place.

Sometimes there are situations in which a horse has an increased need for health support, for example when performing, during growth or gestation, in times of injury or reduced resistance, etc. Supplementing the diet with a supplement is then an obvious choice. However, there are many nutritional supplements and also many differences in quality.

At PrimeVal®, scientific research is the basis of the products, composition and ingredients. All ingredients are of exceptional quality and are not on the FEI's list of banned substances. All products are therefore doping-free and safe to use for competition horses.

PrimeVal® products are characterized by the high bioavailability of the ingredients. This means that the ingredients are very well absorbed, immediately available to the body and reach the right place in the body. Thus, the ingredients can directly support the horse's health. All PrimeVal® products can be used in combination.

PrimeVal® has a wide range that offers horses of every level and age stage health support. The products have proven their effect and are used by top riders in various disciplines.

Get to know the PrimeVal® range for horses. The total range consists of four different product lines with various areas of focus:

- Joints

- Stress

- Skin & Coat

- Sport & Recovery